General Business Service produces and/or sells the following specification:

Grades Hardness Surface Edges Dimensions  
  • C75S
  • 75Cr1
  • 75Ni8


  • RiWistone 27 => anti-crack
  • RiWistone 68 => high resistance, for thin dimensions
41 – 45 HRc
  • bright polished
  • ground


  • galvanized (anti-corrosion)
milled top quality
  • 180 x 1,50 mm
  • 180 x 1,75 mm
  • 180 x 2,00 mm
  • 180 x 2,50 mm
  • 180 x 3,00 mm

 Other dimensions on request.


Steel for blades

The steels used and/or supplied by General Business Service are the result of extensive researches to consider all the production problems of a diamond blade and of its use. All steels are produced with selected raw materials and undergo strict controls on the flatness, sable form, thickness and width. Our suppliers are provided with the most modern equipment and for many years our joint technical staff has been developing and improving the steel quality.

Our steels come from the main producers in the field, chosen only among the very best ones in the world. Beside its own state-of-the-art laboratory, General Business Service continues also the cooperation with famous external metallurgical experts and makes continuous checks on its steels, to guarantee constantly their quality and improve their performances.

Therefore we are able to offer our Customers a highly qualified technical support.

We can offer different qualities, with different prices, to allow you to be more competitive:

  • Steel strips marked "GBS"
  • Unmarked steel strips (budget)
  • Galvanized steel strips (RiWiZinc)

Steel Bodies For Gang Saw Blades

Our blades stand out for:

  • Great precision in thickness, length, flatness, tension and crown
  • Very tight straightness and quality of the edges, for an optimal welding of the diamond segments
  • Ground or polished surface with very low roughness
  • The tabs (attachments) are in an dedicated material, with 11 holes of 8mm diameter and their precision allows us to produce blades with perfectly perpendicular attachments
  • Sophisticated moulds allow us to do the cutting, stamping and riveting operations, so that we can reach tolerances of 0,00/0,05 mm. on the squaring of the attachments.

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